A New Day has Dawned – LibCon’s First Post

By on Mar 26, 2015 in Blog - Truth in Print |

Greetings to all.   Wow blogging.  This may be the best way to get good, constructive information out to you regarding, my passion, bottles and the packaging that they require.  This will be an easy way to pass on our knowledge base and keep your business informed of the issues regarding your packaging.  Of Course LB will always be down for a nice long discussion concerning packaging over some Libations.

Look here for the latest links to relevant articles on packaging.  We can all share relevant information pertaining to the products that you source from Libation and beyond.

On occasion we do have quality issues that surface and Libation believes that the best way to be a good partner is to get the word out when we see them surface.  This Blog will serve to get this information out.  You need an advocate that speaks the truth.  Libation Container wants you to be informed and I want you to inform Libation, along with others, through posting comments, to what your experiences are with the packaging and equipment that you use.

I am passionate about your product and have built up almost 30 years experience in packaging it.  My passion is to be the best supplier and best business partner for you, bar none.   I thank so many of you for the continued support that I have been afforded over these many years.  Thank you.

In the last few months there have been several articles that I though were worthy of passing along.


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